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Avdemsbue is a general store which dates back to 1878, though today´s locale was built in 1938. At Avdemsbue you will find all the products made by Avdem Gardsysteri. In addition to that, there are cheeses from 12-20 different Norwegian cheese factories in stock. The beer selection counts between 20 and 25 breweries. We also have cured meats, smoked fish, coffee, tea, flour, jam and other delicacies. Further, you will find handmade porcelain by Ment from Fåberg – fine gifts for yourself or a friend. We serve freshly made sour cream waffles – a Norwegian speciality, ice cream and coffee.

Jumping in with fingers crossed

It only took us half a year from deciding to go all in with the store idea, until we cut the ribbons on the opening day of Avdemsbue. Many coincidences went our way: the ancient general store would be available for takeover in March, I was scheduled to be done with school in May. I was keen on starting something completely new, something I’d never tried before. My mother and father were very supportive of the idea. Together, we wanted to create the retailer which was worthy of Norwegian quality food. We gathered our kinfolk and by collective effort we managed to open the doors not long after. Over 200 people visited Avdemsbue on its opening day July 4th, 2015.

I quickly realized that the store was far from complete. The variety of products has multiplied since our opening, and some changes have been done to simplify the actual running of the business. Never the less, I have a long way to go – actually, maybe I’ll never get there. No one knows where this will end. Luckily, as the Norwegian saying goes: the road is created as you go forward.



Anna Haugstad Avdem, founder and Store Manager

Summer opening hours

Until week 32

Monday-Friday 10-18
Saturday-Sunday 11-17

The kitchen closes half an hour before all days

Some of our suppliers: